Why I'm fundraising for the Life Is Good Festival

With much thanks, love, and appreciation to Melinda's and my parents for raising us in stable, safe and healthy environments, I have to admit I sometimes find it hard to fully imagine and understand how different things could have been for us under different circumstances, and how difficult life can be for so many children.

I recently had the opportunity to meet Steve Gross, from the Life is good Playmakers and learn more about their mission and approach to help vulnerable children use play to connect with the world and improve their lives. The Playmakers are doing great work and I am excited to have the opportunity to support them.

I am committing to raise $1000 for the Playmakers this summer, starting with my own donation, and I hope you will help me meet this goal. Stay tuned for more details on some fun fundraising events in Needham MA this summer!

In addition to my personal fundraising, I have started an employee challenge at TripAdvisor (where I work) that is being generously supported by The TripAdvisor Charitable Foundation. If I can get 19 other employees to raise at least $500 each, our Foundation will in turn donate $100,000 to the Life is good Kids Foundation!

So if you are a friend, neighbor or family member reading this, please consider donating what you can to help out a great cause. And if you are a TripAdvisor employee reading this, please come talk to me to learn more about how you can start your own fundraiser.

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Millions of our nation's youngest children experience profound suffering in the form of domestic violence, abuse, neglect, natural disasters, extreme poverty, and illness. Consumed by fear and powerlessness, traumatized children stop playing and lose the spirit to connect and experience joy in the world around them. Early childhood trauma devastates young lives and shortens life expectancy.

You and I can help turn that around. I am fundraising for the Life is good Playmakers, who are providing innovative training and support to child care professionals who work directly with these vulnerable children. The Playmaker approach to healing gives kids the opportunity to feel creatively engaged, safe, loved and joyful. This type of transformative play helps children establish healthy relationships and build resilience in the face of life's greatest challenges.

Please help support the heroes who work every day to restore the gift of childhood. To learn more about The Life is good Kids Foundation and the work of the Playmakers, please visit www.ligplaymakers.org.

*Life is good Kids Foundation is a registered 501 (c)(3) charity, donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Life can hurt. Play can heal.

Your donation goes directly toward providing continuing education, resources and support to teachers, social workers, Child Life Specialists and others dedicated to ensuring that children grow up feeling safe, loved and joyful.

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