Why I'm fundraising for the Life Is Good Festival

A playful child is a healthy, resilient child – joyful, loving, curious and confident. Play is essential to children’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. Sadly, millions of our nation’s children are growing up too scared to play. Toxic stress brought on by poverty, violence and illness robs children of their childhood and cripples their long-term health and development.

The Life is good Playmakers use the power of play to help children have the childhood that they deserve.

They do so by partnering with child care professionals who dedicate their lives to helping our nation's most vulnerable children. The Life is good Playmakers provide these frontline heroes with the training and resources that they need to playful engage with once frightened, sad and lonely children and help them grow up feeling safe, loved and joyful.

This life-changing work is carried out daily in preschools, hospitals, shelters, foster care programs, and day care centers across the U.S and in Haiti. To date the Playmakers have partnered with over 3,500 frontline professionals who care for more than 210,000 children each year. Please support my fundraising efforts for the Life is good Festival taking place this September and make a small donation to play it forward on behalf of the Life is good Playmakers.

Life can hurt. Play can heal.

Your donation goes directly toward providing continuing education, resources and support to teachers, social workers, Child Life Specialists and others dedicated to ensuring that children grow up feeling safe, loved and joyful.

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