Why I Fundraise?

Hello Family and Friends,

You are probably familiar with Life is good from the cool t-shirts. Well, last year one of the founders of Life is good, Bert Jacobs, came to our staff meeting and spoke and told us about what he and his organization are doing for children who due to tough circumstances in life have lost their zest for life. It was incredibly touching to hear his stories of not only the children; but their success stories are over the top. The transformations they are making with these kids are incredible. They are turning them back into kids again that dream, play, laugh, love and trust in this life and the people in it.

Last year we sent three employees who raised the most support to the the festival and each of them said it was an amazing experiences and solidified their decision to support this cause. Well this year it has been placed on my heart to contribute to such a worthwhile event. Therefore, will you please help me and seeing how much we can do. Please know that no donation is too big or too small....every dollar counts. Please help me see if we can raise $3,500 or more to help not only the children but their care takers. Thank YOU in advance for your support!!


And a note from Life is good :)

Thousands of our nation’s youngest children are being overwhelmed by the trauma of poverty, violence and illness. Victims of early-childhood trauma are living at risk, unable to express themselves or connect with others because they’re too concerned with simply surviving.

The Life is good Playmakers help children overcome poverty, violence and illness by partnering with frontline professionals who dedicate their lives for caring for them. In places as diverse as hospitals, economically struggling neighborhoods and in the wake of natural disasters, the Life is good Playmakers use the power of play to support the healthy, social and emotional development of children.

By supporting the Playmakers, these local heroes and child-life specialists will be able to provide the innovative tools and techniques to ensure that all children grow up to feel safe, loved, and joyful for life.

Please support my fundraising efforts for the Life is good Festival taking place this September and make a small donation to play it forward on behalf of the Life is good Playmakers.

*The Life is good Playmakers, the action arm of The Life is good Kids Foundation is a registered 501 (c)(3) charity, donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Consult your tax advisor regarding questions about your deductions.

Life can hurt. Play can heal.

Your donation goes directly toward providing continuing education, resources and support to teachers, social workers, Child Life Specialists and others dedicated to ensuring that children grow up feeling safe, loved and joyful.

Thanks for your support

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